Resources for the Straight Spouse

Resources For The Straight Spouse by Debra Sutton

I have listed some resources for women who find that they are married or in a relationship to a gay man. It is so difficult to come to terms with all this. Please don’t try to do it alone. There is help. There are many women going through this. They know and understand like no one else can. This is a place to start your journey to healing.

Bonnie Kaye’s Straight Wives Talk Show:

Bonnie Kaye’s Monthly Newsletter:

Bonnie Kaye’s email address:

Straight Spouse Network:

South Florida Connects:

Bonnie Kaye’s Gay Husband Checklist

Facebook-The Indian Straight Spouse.

Facebook-Straight Spouses Australia.

Facebook-Straight Spouse Network.

Here are a list of books that were very helpful to me. They brought me out of the confusion I lived in for so long.

1. Straight Wives Shattered Lives Vol. 2 by Bonnie Kaye

2. Gay Husbands Say The Darndest Things by Bonnie Kaye

3. Man Readers by Bonnie Kaye

4. Over The Cliff by Doug Dittmer/ Bonnie Kaye

5. Doomed Grooms by Bonnie Kaye

6. The Gay Husbands Checklist ForWomen Who Wonder by Bonnie Kaye

7. A Pebble In His Shoe by Francine Barbetta

Books By Bonnie Kaye:

Books by Debra Sutton

Signs of a Gay Husband vol. 1 Identifying Closeted Gay Husband Behaviors.

Signs of a Gay Husband Vol. 2 On the Other Side of Fear

I want to share a list of sites I have found helpful. These sites are about healing and moving forward.