What happens when you see a narcissist collapse into insanity? Do they projectile vomit or what? Answered by Debra Sutton on Quora


A2A Thank you for the question Anne.

When my ex-N suffered from narcissistic collapse he went into depression and then began suffering from psychosis. He had about 4 bouts of psychosis back to back, and one which he was hospitalized for. During his state of psychosis while in the hospital he thought he was at work and working on some top secret highly classified project. He did work on military aircraft but did not have a top secret clearance. He also thought he won the lottery. He decomensated further was unable to feed himself, could not communicate. They do recover. After he got out of the hospital he was in desperate need of fuel and began the search for my replacement right there in front of me. I did not know about NPD back then and did not understand what I was witnessing. It is a scary thing to watch. I felt very sorry for him at the time of his narcissistic collapse. I did not know what was causing the bouts of psychosis and did not know if he would recover. The psychosis lasted about 9 days. All the doctor told me at the time was he believed he would come out of the psychosis but explained nothing else. My ex-N recovered and we divorced. As he told me he needed to go find himself. I don’t think he ever found himself. He has an empty void which can never be filled.

If a narcissist reaches a level of decompensation and you are their partner. They view this as you have failed them. Because you were not providing them with the amount of fuel needed to keep this from happening to them. They blame you. And they will build themselves up again by totally tearing you to shreds by constant devaluation. Devaluation goes on throughout the relationship but at the end it is full mask off tearing away at you. And as they tear away at you they are built up again. But they still have to replace you for your failure. They may try to come back later after you have recovered from the abuse and are able to provide fuel again.

7 thoughts on “What happens when you see a narcissist collapse into insanity? Do they projectile vomit or what? Answered by Debra Sutton on Quora

  1. Good Lord.That man had some serious mental health issues. Was he tested for schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder, or put on any medications for his psychosis? It sounds like being gay was the least of his problems. Or was this your first husband? Why was he not hospitalized or institutionalized for the other three breaks? Were any neurological assessments done on his brain?

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    1. Helen this was my second husband. The closeted gay man. He had problems aside from his homosexuality. He does not have schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder. Those with personality disorders such as NPD can suffer from micro mimi episodes of psychosis due to a severe narcissistic injury and/or from a lack of narcissistic supply. They begin to de compensate and some can de compensate to the point of micro mimi episodes of psychosis. This type of psychosis is short lived. And they do recover. They are not considered psychotics because the episodes are short lived and because they recover rather quickly. I hated to put him in a mentally hospital so I watched him at home the first three times and when I was exhausted his mother would come over to help. The last time he began to suffer from the psychosis my mil and I took him to the emergency room and they transferred him to a mental hospital. The mental hospital was horrible. It was a nightmare. Toilets over flowing, mattresses on the floor, no pillows or blankets. I had him transferred to a better hospital closer to our home.

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  2. I just got away. Was actually discarded but didn’t realize until several years later she was a narc. A blog with the title, divorced from a narcissist really helped me! I don’t think my ex will ever decompensate but you never know. It is hard knowing that my kids have been affected. I see the narcissism in some more than others………..


    1. onedayatatime, I’m so sorry for what you and your children went through. I’m glad to hear you got out. I understand the pain of being discarded. Your life will improve day by day.


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