How can therapists be offended and demeaning when you tell them you are married to a narcissist, and asking if you are a degreed therapist, since they don’t live with it 24/7 and we are supposed to behave like ignorant lemmings? Answered by Debra Sutton on Quora

As you will notice the answers from those with NPD are much like your therapist. Therapist, counselors, and psychologist who have a degree and also have experience or specialized training in abuse will have a better understanding. Most NPD’s and those in the field of psychology on Quora have the same attitude of your therapist. They all want to put victims of abuse in their place. I read a lot of answers on Quora and at times it’s hard for me to believe some of the answers of those in the field of psychology. I’m thinking wouldn’t their behavior here openly arguing and trying to demean victims of abuse hurt their business. It has certainly turned me off on the idea of therapy. You don’t need a degree to know and understand you were in an abusive relationship. The traits for narcissistic personality disorder are not that hard to spot. Find a new therapist. There are good and bad in every field. I would not waste another dime seeing this one.

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