Who Should I Trust More Narcissists Sam Vaknin Or H.G. Tudor How Do I Know Which One Is Right If They Are Both Narcissists And They Are Both Liars Does One Of Them Lie Less Than The Other? Answered By Debra Sutton On Quora


If you are not in a relationship or doing business with them you don’t have to worry about trusting them. Their writing speaks for itself and speaks to those who have been in narcissistic relationships. They are both very candid about their disorder. They are both aware which is very rare.

Sam Vaknin is extremely intelligent. He was a gifted child with a very high IQ. He is married and I believe this is his second marriage. He is a cerebral narcissist. He did some time in prison for fraud. He speaks about all this openly. I have seen him as a guest on videos with Ross Rosenberg who is a psychotherapist and author of the Human Magnet Syndrome. I have also seen him as a guest speaker with Richard Grannon Spartan life coach just to name a few. The insight he gives into narcissistic personality disorder and those who have been in relationships with the disordered is invaluable. He also gives insight into Codependency and why people stay in narcissistic relationships. He coined the term inverted narcissist speaking about those with Dependent Personality Disorder also called the narcissist codependent. I would like to differentiate here Codependency and Dependent Personality are not the same. Dependent Personlity is a disorder. Codependency is not a disorder.

H.G. Tudor has an amazing understanding of the mindset of those in narcissistic relationships and shares so much information about why the narcissist behaves as he/she does. He has a flare for writing. He does seem to have a following of groupies. I noticed on the comments section of his site not long ago women calling themselves H.G’s hoes and discussing what they imagine H.G may look like. His true identity is anonymous. There are many who call themselves empaths and super empaths who follow him. I did see one person who called herself a super empath with narcissistic traits tear another women to pieces when the woman questioned her great admiration for Tudor. I read some of his post without getting involved in the comments or infighting. H.G. Tudor is in therapy but he may be in therapy because it was forced upon him as some kind of ultimatum. He discusses his therapy and the good doctors on his blog site Knowing The Narcissist. I have no doubt H.G. Tudor is a Somatic Narcissist his grandiosity shows up in his writing and he has been in many relationships. He writes about some of these relationships on his website.

Both Sam Vaknin and H.G. Tudor have a utube channel and share their videos free of charge. They have both written books about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Sam Vaknin is the author of Malignant Self Love. H. G. Tudor has written many books which are 100 pages or less. Adored and Abhorred, Cherished and Chastised, and Fuel just to name a few.

Some give Vaknin and Tudor a hard time for selling books but I think nothing of them selling books. They deserve to make some money off their writing. They give so much away for free on their blog sites and utube videos. What I do find about Vaknin and Tudor who are narcissistic sociopaths even though they are disordered and I have no idea what they are like in their personal lives, they do know how to get along with others online and on their websites. They are not attacking those who have been in relationships with narcissist but rather giving insight and sharing information into why we stayed in these abusive relationships. They admit they are abusive in relationships. Since they are aware narcissist they are not so easily triggered by those who may say something disparaging toward them. It is not a matter of one being right and the other being wrong. They are not in conflict with each other. They are both right. You can read or follow both and walk away with something.

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