If A Narcissist Is Expecting A Negative Reaction From A Discarded Ex And They Don’t Get One What Would Be A Typical Response? Answered By Debra Sutton On Quora


When a person is initially discarded the narcissist does not really want to hear from the discarded person. They really want you to leave them alone at this point. They are normally busy with a new supply source and don’t want you anywhere around. They especially don’t want you talking to this new person. Just in case you do talk to the new person the narcissist has already smeared you. They have made you out to be the crazy ex who just cannot get over them. The new person will be so infatuated and believing everything the narcissist has said. So if you do make contact you will look like the crazy ex he described.

If you have been discarded you really don’t exist to the narcissist at this point. He may try to circle back around to you later when he begins to devalue the new person. If he does try to come back later it could be to triangulate you with this new person. Narcissists go back to an ex or make contact with an ex in order to receive narcissistic supply.

If the narcissist discarded you without giving you closer he knows he left you in pain and searching for answers. This leaves a crack in the door for a future Hoover.

If you have recently been discarded and the narcissist is already involved with someone else he is not looking for a response from you. He really wishes you would go away. He is busy love bombing his new supply source. If you make contact he is likely to tell you to move on with your life.

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