If The Victim Of A Narcissist Stops Trying To Make Contact After The Discard What Will Happen? Answered By Debra Sutton On Quora


If the narcissist discarded you and has a new supply source he probably does not want to be contacted. After being discarded so abruptly it is only natural to want closure. Narcissists don’t give closure. They like to leave you in this state searching for answers. Leaving you in this way insures you will be open to them when they come back around later. Take this time for yourself when there is no contact from the narcissist to understand why you were in a narcissistic relationship. Focus on yourself and your own healing. The mind really starts to clear once they are out of the picture. The fog begins to lift and you will begin to understand no one deserves this abuse, this chaos, and the trauma the narcissist brings into a relationship. The ups and downs, pushing you away then pulling you back, the Dr.Jekell/Mr. Hyde behavior. You are trauma bonded. Trauma Bonds are hard to break free from. Take this time away from the narcissist to free yourself from this enmeshment. This is not love, this is sickness. The narcissist loves no one. He is addicted to supply or fuel. He is not addicted to the person supplying him in fact he resents those who supply him and views them as weak. He needs supply like a heroine addict needs the drug. Narcissistic supply is a drug to him and validates the false self. Everything the narcissist does is about gaining his drug (narcissistic supply). The drug addict does not care who is supplying the drug, he does not care about the dealer, he is only after the drugs. In fact he may resent the dealer for taking all his money. If it was you who discarded the narcissist and he has not replaced you as a supply source he will go into depression. If it was you who left he would be trying to get you back. Since you are trying to contact him I am assuming he discarded you. You trying to make contact with him is fueling him. And he will portray you as the crazy ex who cannot get over him. I know you want answers, but you will have to find your own closure in order to heal from this toxic relationship.

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