Why Is It Easy For Narcissist To Fake Emotions Answered By Debra Sutton On Quora


Not all of the emotions of narcissists are fake they do feel emotions of anger, jealousy, envy, frustration, hatred, and fury. The emotions they don’t feel such as love, happiness, joy, compassion, and empathy etc. are easily faked because they have watched those around them express these emotions and they have learned how to mimic them. It is necessary for them to fake these emotions in order to gain supply sources. If people saw them for who they really are especially in the beginning of a new relationship they would not be able to secure the supply source. Narcissists are not whole authentic people within themselves they are not able to self regulate their own emotions. They feed off of the emotions of others to regulate their self esteem. If their source of supply feels happiness or joy they experience a sense of power especially when they are the one pulling the stings on that persons emotions. It is not only the good emotions which are used for narcissistic supply, but also the negative emotions. The narcissist will switch back and forth between extracting positive and negative emotions from their spouse or partner. This keeps the spouse or partner on a roller coaster ride, they are going higher and higher only to be slammed to the ground. The Dr.Jekyll Mr. Hyde fractured Personality of the narcissist creates a trauma bond through reward and punishment. Once you are trauma bonded it can be hard to break free from. Many of us who have been in relationships with narcissists have a hard time believing it was all a fake illusion. We are left shocked when they turned their feelings off for us like turning off a light switch. In conclusion we come to acceptance. We see everything the narcissist did was fake. Why is it easy for narcissist to fake emotions? It is easy for them to mimic the emotions of others because it is necessary in order to secure and extract narcissistic supply.

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