Do Narcissists Fake Emotions By Debra Sutton

Narcissists do have emotions such as jealousy, envy, hatred, fear, anger, and disgust. They have cognitive empathy, which is an understanding of empathy, but do not feel it. They don’t feel joy or sadness, although they can experience depression it will appear they are sad. Narcissists do experience all the negative emotions human beings are capable of. They do not experience emotional empathy which is necessary to care for and love another human being. Yes they do fake these emotions. They have watched people enough to know and understand how to read people and know what the appropriate response should be. In fact I think they are able to read people very well and to do this they at least have an understanding of empathy. Narcissists are capable of such cruel acts of abuse because they don’t feel empathy. They seem to have empathy for themselves but that is as far as it goes. There is no room for anyone but themselves. They are too self absorbed to see outside of themselves. It takes a lot of work and energy to keep the false self propped up at all times. They don’t like to expend energy on people they feel like are a waste of their time. Such as after the love bombing stage once they feel you are hooked and going to be a steady source of supply they are not going to waste their energy on you any longer. They will throw you crumbs every now and then as maintaince. The devaluation stage is just another way to extract supply from you. They are fueled by your emotions during devaluation and when they are devaluing you, they are usually love bombing someone else. There are many ways and many sources in which the narcissist is fueled. Devaluation can last for years. The narcissist will extract every once of supply he can get out of you before the final discard. You are thrown out like yesterday’s trash with a complete lack of emotion. He built himself up by devaluing you, the weaker you became due to the abuse, the stronger he appears, as he rides off into the sunset with his new supply source. Then when he begins to devalue the new suppy source he happens to think of you. He sees you and sees you have recovered. This is when he will try to Hoover you back into the relationship, apologizing if he has to, and claiming he has loved you all along. He was just going through a bad period in his life. If you go back you will be subjected to further abuse, even worse than before. Yes they can fake tears, apologies, and all the emotions they think you need to see in order to suck you back in. Don’t fall for it. If you got out stay out. Don’t listen to his words, pay attention to his actions.

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