Codependency vs. Dependent Personality Disorder by Debra Sutton

Many people are codependent or become codependent in relationships. Codependent is a term coined by Alcoholic Anonymous. Living with an alcoholic or addict the whole family becomes dysfunctional supporting the addict. Such as making excuses for the alcoholic if he doesn’t show up for work, possibly calling his boss to cover for him. Parents who will give into a child who is an addict by giving them money for drugs to keep them off the streets. We can easily see how this dysfunction is created.

Many become or may have already been codependent in relationships with a narcissist. As narcissist make the relationship all about them and their needs, isolating their partner from family and friends. Thus creating a codependent relationship.

An inverted narcissist is someone who has dependent personality disorder. They intentionally seek out relationships with a narcissist. They have no self identity of their own, being the wife a a narcissist gives them their identity. Their world feels dark and gray without a narcissist in their life. They need the narcissist to bring color to their lives. They cannot make decisions on their own, have no sense of self and depend on the narcissist for these things. In order to be an inverted narcissist one must be diagnosed with dependent personality disorder.

Codependency is not a Disorder it is an emotional and behavioral condition. With help the codependent can change the behavior. Codependency May have some similarities with Dependent Personality Disorder but they are not the same thing.

Codependents vs. Dependent personality disorder:

Codependents are looking for ways to heal from narcissistic abuse and for ways to keep the narcissist out of their lives.

Dependent Personality Disordered are looking for way to keep the narcissist in their lives and to be a never ending supply source to the narcissist in their lives.

While Codependents May suffer from CPTSD from being in a relationship with a narcissist, the Dependent Personality Disordered will not usually suffer from CPTSD.

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