Latest Book Review for Signs of a Gay Husband On the Other Side of Fear by Debra Sutton

A Book to Help You Past the Grieving Stage.
ByBonnie Kaye on May 27, 2017

This book really hits deep on the issues that so many wives struggle with. Debra Sutton fully explains the problems that come from these marriages including the emotional disconnect from neglect and loss of self-esteem due to the rejection of women in these marriages. Ms. Sutton covers so many of the raw emotions we feel from waiting for an apology that will never happen to finding closure. She discusses many of the different phases that we go through on the road to recovery.

There are so many valuable lessons that are shared in this book that will help every woman get through the recovery process and feel “sane.” Sometimes we feel so isolated and confused while going through the process of recovery. Thanks to this book by Debra Sutton, real help is on the way. I loved reading this book because it was very clear, concise, and interesting. I highly recommend it to any woman who is married to/divorced from a gay or bisexual man.


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