Stepping into the Light by Debra Sutton

They say that love is blind. I believe it is, when people around you can see it, but somehow we are blind to the facts. We are blind to our own mistreatment. We want to believe people are good and have good intentions toward us. And we blindly forgive mistreatment over and over to our own detriment. This is not love. When we have to make excuses for for horrible behavior blindly forgiving the abuse time and time again, this is not love. 

We will never be happy in a one sided relationship. Relationships are about two people. Relationships should not be one sided where one is doing all the giving and the other is doing all the taking. We can get so used to accepting nothing for ourselves we will happily accept crumbs and come to view this as a sign of love. When we expect so little for ourselves this is all we will ever receive. When we ignore our own needs we live a life of pain and confusion. 

It is when we learn from those who mistreated us and we start to form boundaries for ourselves that we begin to experience what real love is. It is when we wake up and realize what is no longer acceptable we can begin to experience what is real and true. It is when we move away from a relationship where we are constantly being blamed and shamed. When we move away from one where we had to constantly prove our worth. It then that we can step into the light of truth. And come to know we are worth so much more. I will no longer accept crumbs. Today I know I deserve so much more. 


3 thoughts on “Stepping into the Light by Debra Sutton

  1. Oh my sister, didn’t realize you had so much stuff built up inside of you. I just love your writings and your inspiration behind it all. You really have grown. Your so wise!

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