Why Closeted Gay Men Marry Straight Women by Flying Monkeys Denied 

Pretending to be straight a Cluster B trait

Pretending to be straight — the real reason most gay men who are still in the closet say they lie to and marry clueless women. It’s a front. It’s a cover. And for many guys who prefer to pretend in public to be straight, it’s the perfect way to camouflage their true natures by keeping their wives barefoot and pregnant.

Pretending to be straight and monogamous while actively cheating is one of the cruelest narcissistic abuse tricks one human can play on their significant other. Noting there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being gay, covert men seeking romantic action on the “down low” will use time with the guys to hide infidelities of the most grievous nature.

Men who love other men in the open are generally happy, kind-natured, and empathetic people. Then there is a class of humans who for whatever reason chose by cultural habit to behave in such a way that true loving acts are perverted into a dark and unloving category.

Down low men are typically married to clueless heterosexual women. Preferring ones who are less than sexual but love to procreate, marrying a gal who will have a low interest in sexual activity but is likely to be willing to churn out children is the typical target.

Ladies, if your husband is not initiating some form of intimate contact or another on a daily basis [or at least 3 or more times a week at home], consider the possibility they either are having an affair or medical difficulties. No man with a healthy appetite for life is too tired for sexual activity or finds it too difficult to maintain an erection long enough to copulate with his female lover on a regular (if not daily) basis.

Partners who prefer their women to act as breeders will typically use the whole “maternity gig” as a ruse to avoid getting physical (in the romantic sense) with their mate. During pregnancy, they will avoid physical intimacy using excuses that it creeps them out or claim they do not want to hurt the baby. After a child is born, avoiding sex can be fraudulently justified with claims they are worried the new mother is too tired or a woman may be harshly critiqued for her change in breast size.

Some gay men actually have fetishes related to sleeping with pregnant women, though, so don’t think you are in the clear if your husband perpetually insists you are or are trying to get pregnant. It may be their only psychological turn on related to being with a woman, tying fantasies of power and control in with sexual activity, making it an act of subservient devotion on the part of the women. Others will perform in the sack simply for perfunctory reasons — preferring both before and after to almost completely avoid any “touchy feely” public displays of affection or private and intimate gestural contact (i.e. flirting, kissing, touching (as foreplay), eye-gazing, holding hands, or cuddling while watching television, movies together, or sleeping).

you are looking for more information about red flags and warning signs your partner is on the down low and cheating on you with other dudes, check out Know The Signs. Why do so many closet homosexuals marry women? Because they like having slave labor wage housekeepers who bear their children.

Why do so many closet homosexuals marry women? Because they like having slave labor wage housekeepers who bear their children. They are human beings, you know. Just because they are gay does not mean they don’t comprehend the social benefit of male-female housekeeping-detail-related partnerships.

Victim shaming is abuse enabling! Click like or share to show public support for ABUSE SURVIVORS. You might also find one or more of the following related posts or articles helpful to read if someone you know has been or is currently being used and/or abused by a person suspected of having a personality disorder:



9 thoughts on “Why Closeted Gay Men Marry Straight Women by Flying Monkeys Denied 

  1. Debra, where in the world did that writer get the idea that gay men have fetishes about sleeping with pregnant women? That sounds like it would be a straight man’s fetish, wouldn’t it? I don’t understand that; I understand a gay person can “fake” enjoying straight sex in order to “pass.” But a fetish about pregnant women? A fetish is somethng they want to do, right? So if it’s a fetish – something he wants to do – wouldn’t that mean he’s straight? I don’t know who the author is for flying-monkies, but that one doesn’t make any sense at all, I think it contradicts itself. Doesn’t it?

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    1. Arowen I don’t know about the fetish to be with a pregnant woman. When I was growing up I knew a gay guy who married because he wanted a child. The girl he married knew he was gay and they did have a child. When they divorced he got the child. The child ended up being raised by his mother. I can’t speak about the fetish, but the article has points that I have personally witnessed.


  2. Okay, then I’m not crazy when I read that about a pregnancy fetish. It’s so hard with all of this to know what to believe and what not to believe, I think we just have to use our own common sense and our own experience. Some of the things in her article I can agree with, but some other things seem off. So I guess I need to pick and choose what I believe, and ignore the rest of it. When I was growing up there was one couple in our town where the man was gay and the wife was lesbian, and everybody knew it but nobody ever talked about it. Everybody just knew. They didn’t have any kids that I know of. That was their way of fitting in I guess, but nobody was fooled by it. I don’t know if anybody ever bothered them or made trouble for them though. I used to wonder if they were happy, or if they just put up with each other. I guess it goes to show how far people will go to do whatever they think they have to do to get along and survive.

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  3. I was reading some more articles from their website today. Some of it I like and can agree with, but other parts not so much. Have you seen this article? Whoever wrote it says women with gay husbands are “utterly clueless, heterosexual and most likely homophobic…” ?


    I’d like to know who the author is, but they don’t sign their name on that site. Is it fair for them to call us homophobic like that? I wish we could post comments or questions to them.

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    1. Arowen I think it’s so wrong for them to call us homophobic. I found quite the opposite is true. Many straight wives are for gay rights. They don’t uses name in their articles. I read in this article many states consider infidelity and hiding ones sexual orientation in a divorce. I would like to know what states consider this. Most states are no fault divorce.


  4. Debra, do you think the straight wives you know were for gay rights before they found out about their husbands? Or not until after they found out? I have to be honest and shame the devil, because I never gave them much thought before my husband came out. Before that I went along with what I was raised to believe and it took this to happen to me, to come around to be supportive. And I confess, I am still working at it. I wonder if my experience is typical, I’m curious about that, because honestly I had to learn the painful lesson myself before I got it. I don’t think I was judgmental, really, it was more like I didn’t think it applied to me, until it did. It sure makes me rethink a lot of things I thought I knew.

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    1. I don’t know Arowen if they became supportive afterward or were supportive all along. I don’t feel like any of them are homophobic, nor do I consider myself homophobic. I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect. I have always felt this way.


  5. “I believe all people should be treated with dignity and respect.”

    I agree completely, except that it seems we don’t always feel that way about ourselves, do you know what I mean? And so we let ourselves put up with treatment that we would never tolerate if we saw someone else being treated that way. Isn’t it weird how sometimes it’s easier to stick up for someone else, but not so easy for ourselves. Have you seen the movie “Defending Your Life?” This guy spends two weeks in the afterlife having to defend all the poor decisions he made when he was alive, and they were always because his own fears about himself held him back throughout his life. He knew to be nice to other people but not to himself.

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    1. You are so right Arowen, I put up with treatment I should have never tolerated. I’ve learned from all this. I would not put up with it today. I’ve not seen the movie, it sounds like a good movie. I’m going to look for it. I would like to see it.


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