Tricks of the Trade of a Closeted Gay Husband by Debra Sutton


I was so naive. I trusted easily and always thought there was good in everyone. I did not know about the gay underworld that goes on in every little town and city across America. There are apps men can put on their phone like grindr and manhunt. There are Craigslist man for man personal ads. The apps use gps your location has to be allowed for their use. Men looking for sexual hookups can find each other within seconds. There are ads online in every town and city telling about the gay hotspots for sexual hookups, such as the bathroom at Lowes, Home Depot, and the Mall. They meet in parks were children play, in bookstores, and at rest areas across the interstates. The gay men meeting in these places are mostly closeted gay husbands.  I used to think my husband could not possible be cheating because we were together most of the time. If your husband has the time to go to the store for a pack of cigarettes he has the time to cheat.

If you suspect your husband is gay the computer’s history is a good place to look. I found gay porn in the computer’s history by clicking on one of the links stored. It was really an accident that I clicked on it. My gay husband was always yelling at me for clicking on things. I can now look back and see why. He blamed me for the gay porn by saying I clicked on so many links I gave us a computer virus. He was also using Craigslist Personals to met men. I realize this now, as I walked into the computer room and he was setting up an ad he said to sell a boat motor, but it was asking for his age, height, and weight. I asked him why they would need that information to sell a boat motor. Shortly after a strange man called my home and said my husband was supposed to met him for a cookout. I was so naive I did not know cookout means oral sex. The computer’s history is a good place to start, but if they are constantly deleting the browsing history it may be hard. If they are protective of their phone or the computer. Then this is just another sign of a closeted gay husband.

Apps Used By Gay Men:



3 thoughts on “Tricks of the Trade of a Closeted Gay Husband by Debra Sutton

  1. My ex rarely used the home computer. He used his computer at work to do all of his online meet ups. He got lazy one day and left an email account I didn’t know he had – left it up on our shared home computer. He was actually going to meet a man while I was with him in San Francisco. I didn’t go on that trip with him after I knew what was going on. A few days after I found his other email account, I told him what he left up. He didn’t admit he was sleeping with men for a long time, and then only hinted around about it. When I finally broke it off with him, he asked me why we were breaking up again. I said it’s because you are bi or gay or whatever. He laughed and said ‘I haven’t been bi in a while’. Creepy.

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    1. That is so typical. They rarely admit it even with proof starring them in the face. Sometimes they admit it to only take it back later. We know what we know. We know what we have seen and what we have been through.


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